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Memo: To the cunt in HR

August 1, 2009


Re: addressing your staff

Re: my name is not “HEY”

Re: I am also not one of your girls:

enclosure: 9 to 5 (thank you IMDB)

Violet: Okay… okay, I’m gonna leave, but I’ll tell you one thing… don’t you ever refer to me as ‘your girl’ again. 
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: What is God’s name are you talking about? 
Violet: I’ll tell you what I’m talking about; I’m no girl, I’m a woman. I’m not you wife… OR your mother. 
Violet: [gesturing toward Doralee] Or even your mistress. 
Doralee: What? 
Violet: I am your employee and as such I expect to be treated with a little dignity and a little respect!

God, I totally forgot how funny this movie is. Thank you WE Tv for reminding me; when you’re not running stupid shit shows about sextuplets, you actually show some fun stuff.